Hello! I am a young writer with interests in everything from film to food to horse racing. I am a print journalism major and minor in communications in the entertainment industry. Currently I attend the University of Southern California.

I have been published in and interned for the Houston Chronicle, two university newspapers, several magazines including Houston Family, and various blogs. My food column, Gingersnaps, appeared weekly in The Daily Trojan throughout Spring 2010, and won the semester’s Best Column award.

In addition to writing, I am very interested in publicity and new media, and currently work with O2 MAX Fitness, a fitness studio that utilizes new media to engage teens and college students.

Because I am still in college, I am right in the center of converging media and the latest turns in journalism. This gives me a fresh perspective and an enthusiasm for all media and points of view.

A few of my specialties:

  • Film
  • Television
  • Food
  • Health / Nutrition / Fitness
  • Features
  • History
  • Video Games
  • New Media
  • Special Interest Stories
  • Interior Decorating
  • Horses

Please look at my portfolio for examples of my work. You can also view my resume.


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